The importance of amorphous magnetic material for small high frequency power supply

(Published:2015/1/19 10:42:34 Views:2351)
Compact high performance computing optic and peripheral equipment, 0A equipment, electrical and mechanical equipment, the rapid development of IC or LSI with the development of integrated circuit technology and. Thus the urgent requirement of the power supply section to miniaturization, low cost. The power supply used in almost all of the switching power supply, but in the small hand there is much room for improvement. In order to make the switching power supply miniaturization, high frequency and high efficiency will be. Because of high frequency and be miniaturized components is a smoothing capacitor cores using magnetic material and secondary side, but if high frequency, increase so core core loss and frequency is roughly proportional to the square of the materials, therefore, the presence of an appropriate frequency. Therefore, to improve the miniaturization in semiconductor properties must also improve the properties of magnetic materials. For this reason, the Institute is improved ferrite, permalloy etc. various magnetic materials, amorphous alloy attention in recent years with excellent properties by old varieties of materials can not match, very rapidly toward the practical development.
The characteristics of amorphous magnetic material
Atomic unlike crystalline alloy amorphous alloys that are regularly arranged, is the so-called glassy alloy, generally uses the metal melt quench method manufacturing, metal spray which is melted in known as the rotary drum drum cooling method, continuously obtained with thin plate.
Amorphous magnetic units of gold, because there is no crystalline structure and its manufacturing method of special, so has the following characteristics:
1, because there is no crystalline structure, so it has no anisotropy characteristics of old varieties of magnetic materials.
2, for the same reason, resistance.
3, you can easily create very thin plates under 30um, suitable for high frequency applications.
4, high strength, not easy to plastic deformation, strong anti magnetostriction.
Because of these characteristics, can be in a wide composition range to obtain high permeability, low loss, shows a strong anti magnetostriction, magnetic with excellent high frequency.
Amorphous soft magnetic materials can be divided into Fe based amorphous magnetic material's magnetic flux density and high permeability, low loss and fuel consumption of cobalt based amorphous magnetic materials. Iron saturation magnetic flux density and some more than 1.5T, used for transformer, especially the pole transformer is very popular. Its core loss a fraction of a senior direction of thin silicon steel sheet, as the provincial energy pole transformer is very popular with the material, but also further used in study of high-frequency transformer, choke coil.
Co based amorphous alloy saturation flux density is low, but with the addition of small amounts of iron can make the magnetostriction is zero, the magnetic anisotropy is small, so it can achieve high permeability. Results the high frequency loss is small, so is a switching power supply situation can be saturated reactor or a magnetic head with core and practical.
In summary, a variety of excellent properties of Co based amorphous alloys with various aspects, so are to carry out the application research. However, although the cobalt base alloy shows excellent properties, but it has the disadvantage of poor thermal stability. Originally, the high permeability alloy, are structure sensitive, for example, permalloy anti magnetostrictive range. Amorphous magnetic materials while anti magnetostriction is very strong, but poor thermal stability. Therefore, the design and manufacture of practical materials are.